About us

WATRS is the independent adjudicator for disputes between customers and the water and sewerage companies or supplier of England and Wales.

We help customers to settle their claims and get compensations if the claim is deemed to be proven.

How do we decide claims?

A professional adjudicator will assess evidence provided by the customer and company and the relevant law as appropriate in order to reach a decision on the validity of a claim. WATRS Adjudicators have the power to direct that compensation should be paid to the customer if the claim is deemed to be proven.

When can you use WATRS?

If you have complained to both the company and CCWater and remain dissatisfied.

Are there any service fees?

WATRS adjudication is free for customers.

Who operates the service?

WATRS is operated by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) who are certified to provide consumer dispute resolution by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute, Civil Aviation Authority, Gambling Commission and Ofcom.

The independent Resolving Water Disputes ADR Panel oversee CEDR's operation of the WATRS Scheme.

CEDR provide consumer dispute resolution for a number of industries including:

Aviation Funeral services Holidays Motor vehicles
Broadband Gambling/Gaming Home Building Postal services
Cavity Wall Insulation Glass & Glazing Lotteries Renewable energy
Cosmetic procedures Healthcare (Private) Mobile phones Time shares